Graziano Food Service Inc.

"A Family Tradition Since 1911"



Graziano Foodservice, Inc. was started in the year 1986. At that time Chris was working for a local produce company and had an opportunity to start delivering some restaurant accounts that they were not interested in servicing. We (Laurie and Chris) bought our first truck, a 1974 G.M.C. 12 foot step-van. During this time, Chris became acquainted with a produce vendor named Mike. On Friday evenings Chris would wait for Mike to call, put his order together, and then when he arrived help him load his truck. Mike desired to retire and thought Chris could handle the route, so he gave us the opportunity to purchase his business.

In 1987 Chris quit work for the local produce company, and started driving Mike's route. This consisted of accounts between McMinnville, and Newport, Oregon. The normal routine was to load the trucks starting at 6:00 p.m., the In-town truck first, then the Coastal truck. At about midnight, Chris would drive to the coast and deliver that route -- returning home usually around 11:00 a.m. Then be up at 5:30 p.m. and start the routine over again. Laurie would take all the calls and price the invoices during the day.

Working so much took a lot out of the family. At times Laurie would drive the truck, because Chris was too sick to go alone. Christopher, Tanya and Crystal (our older children) would be going down the road with Mom and Dad in the old 1980 Mercedes truck purchased from Mike. This made us realize there are a lot more important things in life than a box of lettuce... so we hired our first employee as a driver to the Coast, and after loading the truck would send him on the route one day a week.

It all started back in 1911 when Chris' Grandfather Agostino John Graziano immigrated to Portland from Italy and started delivering produce house to house. His business was passed onto his son Agostino Graziano (better known as “Joe”), thus produce has been a part of Chris’ life since birth. This tradition is one that we are proud of as Graziano Foodservice, Inc. remains a family business.

Through the years Chris and Laurie have purchased the following companies: Mike Baccelieri Produce, Jerry Danna Produce, Rainbow Produce, Wilson Produce, Seitz Produce, and Northwest Meats.